The world of Diablo II is full of many detailed objects, characters, and experiences, and one of the vital parts of the game come from the non-player characters. These characters supply much of the storyline of the game, as well as providing you with nearly all of the quests, trading items with you, and allowing you to hire mercenaries.

Act I
This act begins in the Rogue Encampment where you will find Akara, Gheed, Charsi, Warriv, and Kashya. The rogue scout Flavie you will meet in the wilderness and you must rescue the Horadic mage Deckard Cain.

Act II
Warriv and Deckard Cain join you as move to the desert city of Lut Gholein. Here you meet Atma, Drognan, Fara, Jerhyn, and the other inhabitants of this desert town under seige.

The inhabitants of Kurast are usually friendly, which is impressive given the circumstances. Here you will meet the mysteious Ormus, the cranky Alkor, the helpful Hralti and more.

Act IV
The Pandemonium Fortress that stands as the first line of defense against Hell is not a great place to be, but you have the aid of Tyriel the Archangel there, as well as Halbu and Jamella.

Act V
The Diablo II Expansion's Act V has its own unique non-player characters, who should give us quests and items. But you will still see Tyrael, Cain, and though he is a monster-- Baal.