Non-Player Characters: Act III
The hermit Alkor buys and sells potions and offers you the chance to gamble on his magical items.

Location: Small hut
Quest: Lam Esen's Tome
Merchant: Yes
Ashera is the leader of the Iron Wolves, a group of sorcerers whose members you may hire as mercenaries.

Location: Kurast, to the north
Merchant: Yes
Deckard Cain
Your constant companion Cain travels with you to Act III, and continues to identify items for free and offer sage advice.

Location: Town square
Quest: Khalim's Will
Merchant: No
Hralti buys, sells and repairs armor and weapons.

Location: Hut in the southeastern corner of Kurast
Quest: Blade of the Old Religion
Merchant: Yes
This seafaring trader brought you to Act III from Lut Gholein, and can take you back there if you ask.

Location: Near the Docks
Quest: The Golden Bird
Merchant: No
Natalya offers advice for those who would listen...

Location: Southern Kurast
Merchant: No
Much like Akara and Fara in Acts I and II, Ormus will replenish your health and mana when you talk with him. Ormus also buys and sells magical items, such as scrolls, wands and tomes.

Location: Kurast, in the town square
Quest: The Blackened Temple
Merchant: Yes

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