Non-Player Characters: Act IV
Deckard Cain
Once again following you in your travels, Deckard Cain continues to give his sage advice and assistance in identifying items.

Location: Pandemonium Fortress, northern wall
Quest: The Hellforge
Merchant: No
Halbu buys, sells and repairs weapons and armor.

Location: Pandemonium Fortress, southeast corner
Merchant: Yes
Much like Halbu, Jamella is a merchant. In addition to weapons and armor, she buys and sells scrolls and potions. Should you feel inclined to gambling, Jamella will be able to help. Last, Jamella is a proficient healer and will restore you to full health and mana.

Location: Pandemonium Fortress, southwestern corner
Merchant: Yes
Tyrael the Archangel

Making his second appearance in Diablo II, Tyrael sends you on the final quest...

Location: Pandemonium Fortress, northeastern corner
Quest: Terror's End The Fallen Angel
Merchant: No
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