Quests: Act I
Den of Evil
This will be your first given quest. You will be given this quest by Akara, the leader of the religious group, the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. Your task is simple, go through the Blood Moor to the Den of Evil and rid it of all monsters that inhabit it. The Den of Evil can usually be found in the middle of the Blood Moor, and appears as a cave level. Inside the Den of Evil, you will find nothing more than the monsters that are found in the Blood Moor, which are Fallen, Fallen Shaman, Gargantuan Beats, and Zombies. After venturing into the Den of Evil and killing a lot of its monsters, a message will appear that you have X amount of monsters left to kill. After you do kill every monster in the den, a white light will spread through it, and you can go back to Akara and claim your prize, which is an extra skill point that you may use for any of your skills, which can be very handy. The den is a great place for beginners to start building up there character with experience, so don't try to pass the quest up.

Sisters' Burial Grounds
The Blood Raven quest is given to you by Kashya, the military leader of the rogues. Blood Raven is a nasty, evil rogue gone bad, and it is up to you to put a stop to her evil doings. You must go beyond the Cold Plains, and into the Burial Grounds to battle with her. She is very fast and has the power to raise the dead. She is surrounded by her undead army of skeletons and hungry dead, which is a zombie class. You must be careful when dueling with her, for she is very quick, and it is wise to keep a couple of stamina potions around so you can keep up with her. When you reach the cemetery, you will hear her voice call out to you, "Join my Army of the Dead" or "My army will Destroy you." If you are not careful, you will be apart of her army of the dead. After defeating her, a bright light will fill the cemetery and will kill any of the remaining monsters of her army. She will drop an item, which is usually a superior classed item. You will now find your way back to Kashya, to claim your reward, which is the use of her rogues.

The Search for Cain
Given to you by Kashya, you must return to the to Tristram, the town of Diablo I. Your quest has multiple parts to it. You must first travel to the woods of Tristram, and retrieve a scroll from Tree of Inifuss. You must touch the tree for the scroll to drop from its limbs. Once in your possession, you must go back to rogue camp and give it to Akara, the leader of the group. Now Akara will explain to you how to proceed with the second part of your task, which is opening a portal to Tristram and rescuing your friend, Deckard Cain. You must now travel to the Stony Plains, where you find a group of big rocks that form a circle. After touching each of the rocks, a red portal will open, and you will now be transported to Tristram to rescue your long-time friend. You will find that the town has been overrun by monsters, and buildings have been put into flames. After finding Cain, you will lead him back to the rogue camp. Your reward is that Cain will perform his exact services from the original Diablo, which is identifying your items.

Forgotten Tower
This quest is optional, and is given to you from an old book found on an altar, which is deep in the wilderness of Marsh. If wish to read the book, you will be told of an evil tower that has crumbled and cannot be repaired. When finding the tower, which is revealed upon finding a secret room, you will have to battle your way through four levels of monsters. After you fight your way through the monsters, you will go to the fifth and final level to discover an evil countess, which has taken over the tower, only to make as evil as ever. You must defeat the countess, and you will be rewarded by a random item.

Tools of the Trade
This quest is similar to the Anvil quest given by Griswold in Diablo. Given by Charsi the blacksmith, your task is simple. Find and retrieve the Horadric Maulus. You will have to venture off to find it, but that task is not as simple as one, for it is guarded by a nasty and evil monster. You must first kill this foe before getting the Horadric Maulus. After retrieving the Horadric Maulus, you have two options. You can either keep as a weapon, or Charsi can use it to upgrade one of your items into a magical item.

Sisters to the Slaughter
This is the final quest of act one. You must defeat Andariel. She will not be an easy foe, and is probably the nastiest monster of the act. You will be given the quest by Cain, and it is required to go on to Act II. You will find her in the deep parts of the monastery and will not be easily found. You will know when you find her because she is surrounded with creatures. This will be a true test of your skill and knowledge. After finding and defeating Andariel, you will have to go to Warriv, the caravan leader, who will lead you East to Lut Gholein. Cain will also come to Act II with you.

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