Quests: Act II
Radament's Lair
The sewers beneath the city of Lut Gholein have become infested with a terror that steals away the city's citizens by night. This danger has already claimed the family of Atma, the proprietor of Lut Gholein's largest tavern. She implores you to track down the source of this evil and root it from its lair. The sewers can be accessed either by a trap door in the northeast part of town by the mercenary captain Griez, or by the dockyard entrance near Warriv. Either way, you'll have to fight your way through several chambers full of burning Dead and Archers. Once you reach the Radament's lair, clear a path to him through his minions and concentrate your attacks on him. If you have any poison resistance items, it'd be a good time to wear them, since the Radament can poison you. Once he's dead, grab the Book of Skill he drops, then search a nearby chest for a Horadric Scroll. Return the scroll to Cain, and talk to Atma to get lower prices at all the town's merchants.

The Horadric Staff
Upon taking the Horadric scroll from the Radament's lair, Cain will examine it and determine that the way to unlock Baal's tomb is to unite the two pieces of a Horadric Staff using an artifact known as the Horadric Cube. This is quite a lengthy quest, and you may complete many of this act's other quests while working on this one. You must collect the Horadric Cube, the Horadric staff shaft, and the Horadric staff head.

The Cube is located under the sand dunes beneath the Dry Hills. Go to that area and locate the entrance to the Halls of the Dead. On the third level you must defeat a boss monster and claim the cube.

The Shaft is hidden in the bowels of the Sand Maggot's Lair, which can be found in the Far Oasis. Venture down to the disgusting third level of the lair and do combat with the giant worm that resides there. After you've beaten its brains out, grab the Horadric Shaft and get out of there.

The final piece of the Staff is the Claw Viper amulet, which can be found on the second level of the Claw Viper Temple. To get there, travel through the Far Oasis, to the Lost City, to the Valley of the Snakes. Defeating the boss guarding this treasure can be difficult, so take along some extra potions for the ride. Once you have all three pieces of the quest, put the Shaft and the Amulet in the Horadric Cube, then use the Cube's transmutate ability to join them into the Staff. Stash the Staff in your locker for safe keeping until you're ready to finish this act.

The Tainted Sun
Upon entering the Lost City area, the sun will dim as an unscheduled eclipse blots it out, shrouding the entire world in shadows. If you return to the Lut Gholein, you will discover that this disturbing event is likely due to a temple being raised in the Temple of the Viper. You need to go there anyway to retrieve the Viper Amulet for the Horadric staff, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone. Travel through the Lost City and find the Temple of the Viper. Dig deep into its depths and find the Viper Template, guarded by a room chock full of creatures. Destroy the Template to get the Viper Amulet and dispell the foul magic holding back the daylight.

The Arcane Sanctuary
Drognan will tell you of the mightiest of the Horadric mages, Horazon, who built an Arcane Sanctuary so that he could pursue his studies in peace. This, he thinks, might be a good place to look for information on Tal Rasha's Burial Chamber. He also mentions that Lord Jerhyn would like to have a word with you, and that it might be related.

Indeed, once you find Jerhyn he confesses the reason why his Palace has been closed to the public. A portal to the Arcane Sanctuary has opened up in the Palace cellars, and hellspawn have been steadily pouring out and wearing down his Palace Guard. You must fight your way through the beseiged Palace and enter the portal to destroy the source of these monsters. This will involve wading through a lot of monsters as you go through the Palace Harem, the Cellars, and finally go through the portal to the Arcane Sanctuary itself, where you must seek out Horazon.

The Summoner
This is a very short quest that basically involves destroying the Summoner, which is all that is left of the great mage Horazon. Once you destroy him, read his journal to discover the arcane symbol that flags the true temple of Tal Rasha, hidden deep in the Canyon of the Magi. A red portal will open, giving you access to the previously inaccessible area.

Warning: Do NOT save and exit your game at this point without going through the portal and activating the nearby waypoint. There is a bug in the game that will prevent the red portal from reappearing if you save and exit first, thus breaking the level and making it impossible to proceed.

The Seven Tombs
Finding Baal before Diablo does requires you to locate Tal Rasha's tomb where Baal is locked in a constant struggle with the Horadric mage imprisoning him. To access the burial chamber, you must take the completed Horadric Staff to Tal Rasha's tomb in the Canyon of the Magi (thus you must have completed all this act's other quests first). There are actually seven tombs in the Canyon of the Magi, six of which are false leads designed to wear you down. The correct tomb is marked by the symbol shown in the Summoner's journal, so enter that one and fight your way to the room with the slot for the Horadric Staff that Cain described.

Place the staff in the slot and watch the fireworks as the entrance to the burial chamber is opened. It'd be a really good idea to cast a town portal now, since you'll probably die a few times in the coming conflict. The portal will allow you to take a short cut back to this area when you respawn in town. Inside the burial chamber you must defeat Duriel, a large maggot creature who is very tough. Thaw potions come in handy against him, but there's no easy way past him.

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