Quests: Act III
The Golden Bird
At first, there doesn't seem to be much to do in Kurast, but once you wander out into the wilderness you'll trigger your first quest. Fight enough monsters and you'll soon find a Jade Figurine. Taking this Figurine back to Cain and showing it to him will prompt him to show it to Meshif, who has been known to collect such treasures. Meshif will exchange the figurine for a Golden Bird statuette. Cain will then tell you to take the bird to Alkor, who may be interested in the ashes it contains. Alkor will take the bird and use its ashes to brew a potion that adds 20 life points to your stats, permanently.

Blade of the Old Religion
The enchantment that holds the jungles surrounding Kurast is weakening, and if it falls the city falls with it. To remedy this threat, Hralti needs the holy Skatsimi blade called Bidbinn, so that he may harness its mystic powers to reinforce the protective spells. You will find the blade in the stubby little hands of a Pygmy in the Flayer Jungle. You will actually encounter an entire village of these little monsters, and must kill the one wielding the blade.

Khalim's Will
This is the main quest in Act III, and definitely the longest and most difficult. You will probably complete the other quests before completing this one. Mephisto has taken control of the Zakarum priests, and is using a device known as the Compelling Orb to boil their hatred over and turn them against the citizens of Kurast. A stout and powerful artifact, the Orb can only be destroyed by an artifact of equal power: Khalim's Will. You must, however, reconstruct this weapon by gathering the organs of the one priest who was able to withstand Mephisto's perverting influence.

The first organ, the Eye, is hidden in the Spider Cavern, found in the Spider Forest (note that there is also a dungeon in that area called the Arachnid Lair, so don't confuse the two). The Brain of Khalim is deep in the Flayer Dungeon within the Flayer Jungle. The third component, the Heart, is in the bottom of the sewers, which can be accessed through either Upper Kurast or the Bazaar. Finally, you must retrieve Khalim's flail by slaying one of the members of the High Council, which can be quite a chore. Once you have all four components, combine them in the Horadric Cube to create Khalim's Will.

Lam Esen's Tome
Alkor believes that an ancient tome written by the priest Lam Esen may be of some aid in the battle against the Three. This book is buried in the Ruined Temple, a dungeon that can be found in either the Upper Kurast, Bazaar, or Causeway areas. Find it and defeat the guardian of the Tome and return it to Alkor. Talk to him again to get five attribute points you can add anywhere to your stats.

The Blackened Temple
This is a relatively straight forward quest: kill all the members of the High Council and smash the Compelling Orb with Khalim's Will. The Compelling Orb can be found in the Travincal area. Simply equip Khalim's Will and attack it to destroy it. This will then open a stairway down to the Temple's Guardian Tower where Mephisto is imprisoned.

The Guardian
It couldn't get any simpler than this: Kill Mephisto. Of course, you'll have to fight your way through several very tough bosses and other enemies to get to him, and he's more than a handful himself. Keep pounding on the Lord of Hatred until he goes down, then return to town and ready your supplies before heading through the portal into the very shores of Hell itself.

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