Quests: Act V
Stop the Bombardment
The village of Harrogath has been recently under siege by Baal's minions, and is slowly growing weaker. However, they are unsure if they can trust you and are hesitant to ask for any help. If you can stop the siege, you will prove your worth and earn the trust of the townspeople. Once you exit town, you will enter into the Bloody Foothills. Upon entering the Bloody Foothills, you will immediately be hit with the bombardment of missiles being fired at you by the catapults in the distance. You will also encounter many of Baal's minions, which you will have to fight through. If you want to disable the catapults, you will have to make your way towards the hill area where they are found.

Once you've found the catapults, you can put an end to them with a good ole-fashioned smashing. Your quest is not finished, though, you still have to find and defeat Shenk the Overseer. As you make your way through the hills, you'll notice that other Barbarians from the village will join you in battle. Shenk is a Lasher, and he controls Minions to help him in battle, which will make it a tough battle. Once Shenk is defeated, you can return to town for your reward. Larzuk, the local blacksmith, will reward you by adding sockets to an item of your choice. The number of sockets will depend on the type of item, and you can't pick an item that can't normally be socketable. Also, you will now be offered reduced prices by the local merchants.

Rescue the Barbarians
Your second quest is given to you by Qual-Kehk, the Master at Arms of Harrogath. Several of his clansmen have been captured and held in the castles in the mountains, and he needs you to rescue them. This won't be a simple task, and will require you to fight through heavily guarded areas inhabited by huge packs of monsters. You will have to fend off Baal's minions as you search for Qual-Kehk's men. You will find the captured Barbarians in the fortified areas of the Frigid Highlands.

The Barbarians are trapped in several cells, with each cell containing five Barbarians. In order to free a group of Barbarians, you will have to break down the door to their cell, and they will automatically be sent to town. In total, you need to free fifteen men in order to complete the quest. Once you have returned Qual-Kehk's men safely, you will be able to hire Barbarians from him as mercenaries. Also, he will give you three runes, which are the Ral, Ort, and Tal Runes.

Prison of Ice
Malah tells you that Anya, a young alchemist, has been missing for some time now, and she needs your help in locating Anya. The townsfolk suspect that Nihlathak, who is also missing, is responsible for her disappearance. In order to rescue Anya, you will have to travel to the Crystalline Passage, and then into the Frozen River. You'll have to venture through these monster-inhabited underground areas and search for Anya.

You will find Anya trapped in a prison of ice, and unable to move. However, she is able to speak, and tells you that it was in fact Nihlathak who did this to her. In order to free Anya, you must return to town and speak with Malah, who will give you a thawing potion to free Anya. Return to Anya and use the potion from Malah to thaw her out, and then get back to town for your reward. Malah will give you a special scroll that will grant you a permanent +10 to all resistances. You should now speak with Anya, who will give you a rare class-specific item for your character class.

Betrayal of Harrogath
After Anya rewards you for her rescue, she reveals to you more of Nihlathak's plot. It turns out that Nihlathak has struck a deal with Baal, and has given him the Relic of the Ancients. With the Relic, Baal would be able to enter Mount Arreat unchallenged by the Ancients. You will have to try to stop Nihlathak and retrieve the Relic before he gives it to Baal. Anya will open up a red portal for you in town, which will lead into Nihlathak's Temple.

The temple contains three levels, The Halls of Anguish, Halls of Pain, and the Halls of Vaught. Nihlathak is located in the Halls of Vaught, and is also protected by a horde of minions. Nihlathak uses several spells similar to those of the Necromancer, such as Corpse Explosion. You will have to work your way past the minions and then kill Nihlathak. However, Nihlathak doesn't have the Relic on him, and must have already given in to Baal. This isn't good news for Anya, but she thanks you for your courage. Anya rewards you by inscribing your name onto an item of you choice.

Rite of Passage
You now must track down Baal, who has entered Mount Arreat. However, you will not be allowed to enter Mount Arreat until you have been tested on the Arreat Summit. This is detailed to you by Qual-Kehk, after you first reach the Ancient's Way. Continue venturing though the Ancient's Way and into the Arreat Summit. The Arreat Summit is a small area, containing a circular platform with three statues, and an altar. Before you are allowed to enter Mount Arreat and into the Worldstone Keep, you will have to combat the three Ancient Ones.

Clicking on the Altar of the Heavens will start the battle. However, the battle will be a little tricky. During the battle, no party member can cast a town portal or come through one from town. If you don't comply with this, the statues will return to statue form, and will have full hit points when you start the battle again. Once you have defeated the three guardians, you will be rewarded with a large sum of experience and access to the Worldstone Keep.

Eve of Destruction
It is now time to find Baal and put an end to his destructive reign. You will have to fight through the three levels of the Worldstone Keep, which are now inhabited with Baal's deadliest minions. As you work your way past the monsters, you will constantly be taunted with Baal's demonic laughter. The third level leads into the Throne of Destruction, where you will first encounter Baal. You will find Baal sitting on his throne, but you won't be able to attack him yet. You must first do battle with Baal's guardians, which he summons at you in waves. Each wave will have a SuperUnique monster, along with its minions. You will have to fight five waves in total, with the fifth wave being a particularly nasty type of monster that isn't found anywhere else in the game.

Once all of these monsters have been defeated, Baal will disappear through the portal behind his throne. Once you enter the portal, the final battle with Baal begins. Baal has many abilities you haven't seen before, including the ability to make a copy of himself and summon tentacles from the ground. You must not feat, however, and show him no mercy. Once you have defeated Baal, Tyreal will appear and congratulate your heroic efforts.

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