The Secret Cow Level

Ever since the point where the first Diablo had been released for about 6 months, rumors about a supposed Secret Cow Level were flying around chat rooms of Battle.Net and forums of the Diablo community. Everyone claimed that they had been there and everyone had his own set of theories of how to get there. From wearing two unidentified Rings of Engagement and clicking the cows in town 10,000 times to donaiting them hundreds of thousands of gold.

All of these rumored ways to enter the Secret Cow Level were, of course, false since it simply didn't exist in Diablo. No one knows from where the rumors started, but they definitely spread like an avalanch. It was most likely inspired by the otherways useless cows in city of Tristram in Diablo 1, which is the only logical answer people have been able to make up. Nevertheless, some people actually believed that it existed, especially since many of the more experienced players kept the rumors going although they knew they were wrong. There's even a homepage dedicated for it to build up the bizarre rumors!

Many players were fooled by the rumors, and contacted Blizzard Entertainment about the Secret Cow Level. Blizzard repeatedly tried to convince these persons that it didn't exist, but they simply believed that Blizzard was hiding the facts about including a Secret Cow Level as an Easter Egg. Finally, they even made a Blizzard Quiz for Battle.Net, part of the banner rotation. It tells the truth of there really being no cow level, and Blizzard South even included a 'there is no cow level' cheat code in StarCraft.

These contacts and rumors obviously made a permanent effect on Blizzard Entertainment's game design, however, since in Diablo II, rumors about the Secret Cow Level have been made true. The way to get in it is, of course, as peculiar as the Cow Level itself. You need to have the following components:

And this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the difficulty on which you have killed Diablo.
    You can access Cow Level only in those difficulties which you have completed. Do not try this in Nightmare difficulty if you just killed Diablo on Normal difficulty for instance.
  2. Go to the Rogue Encampment in Act 1.
  3. Place Wirt's Leg and Tome of Town Portal inside your Horadric Cube. Be sure to empty all possible other items from it too, they will get destroyed if you leave them inside the Cube.
  4. Press the Transmute-button.

The Wirt's Leg and Tome of Town Portal should now disappear and a glowing red portal should appear next to you. By placing the cursor over it, you can see the text "To the Secret Cow Level". Here it is then! By accessing the portal, you'll be taken to the Secret Cow Level and witness the wicked bovines inhabited in it. Be careful, you can only access the Secret Cow Level once in every difficulty, so if you fail to complete it and leave the game, you can never get back to there.

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